Microgaming Blackjack

Microgaming Offers Dozens of Outstanding Blackjack Choices

Among all of the popular casino games, perhaps the one which offers the most variety is blackjack. The game has one basic rule: The player is trying to get a better score than the dealer without going over 21. But beyond that rule, there are many variations possible including payoffs, the amount of cards in play, betting options and more.

Microgaming is at the forefront in the development of exciting online blackjack games. The software company has created 40 variations you can play. Their blackjack games, like all of their other games, are available at hundreds of online casinos.

Microgaming’s Many Blackjack Choices

Microgaming breaks down their blackjack games into four categories. They have nine “Single-Hand” games and eight “Multi-Hand” games. Their most recent creations are all part of their “Gold Series” which features dynamic graphics and sound. Microgaming has fourteen games in the Single-Hand Gold Series and eight in the Multi-Hand Gold Series.

Progressive Jackpot Blackjack

Microgaming has one other blackjack game called “Triple 7’s.” It is only available at online casinos that utilize Microgaming Software. It is currently their only progressive blackjack game. Triple 7’s is played with five decks. To win the progressive jackpot, which frequently pays off in the hundreds of thousands, you need to get three 7’s in your hand and each one must be a Diamond. You will also collect a share of the jackpot if you get just two or three consecutive 7’s. You’ll get a bigger payoff if they are of the same suit.

Microgaming’s Blackjack Game options

Though Microgaming currently lists a total of 40 games, that number includes several versions of the same blackjack variation. You can, for example, play Spanish Blackjack in the traditional single-hand format. You can also play it in a multi-hand format. You can also play the game in both of Microgaming’s Gold Series, Single-Hand Spanish Gold and Spanish Multi-Hand. The same four options are also available for European Blackjack and Vegas Downtown Blackjack.

Unusual Blackjack Games Offered by Microgaming

Besides the more traditional games such as American and European Blackjack, Microgaming also has some variations that might be unfamiliar to many fans of the game.

Double Exposure Blackjack

The title of this game refers to the dealer’s cards. Both of them are exposed immediately, which obviously gives the player a much better idea of what to do with his hand. In exchange for this information, the player only receives 1-1 odds when he has a blackjack and loses all ties. The player also is restricted in his opportunities to double down or split his cards.

Bonus Blackjack

This variation of the game offers a special side bet. In addition to the basic game, the player can also make a separate wager on his first two cards. The maximum payout offered on the side bet is 50-1 if you can get a blackjack consisting of an Ace and Jack of Spades. An Ace and Jack of other suits pays out 25-1.

Microgaming’s standard Bonus Blackjack game has a minimum bet of one unit, while the Gold Series variation has a minimum bet of 5 units. Both Microgaming versions offer a maximum bet of 1,000 units.

Big Five Blackjack

This game gets its name because it is played with five decks. The other main distinction of the game is that you are allowed to surrender and lose just half your bet after you have seen your cards. The only time you can’t surrender is if the dealer shows an Ace. Big Five Blackjack is available in both the Single-Hand and Multi-hand Gold Series of Microgaming. It offers a minimum bet of just one unit.

Original Microgaming Blackjack Games

In addition to their progressive game, Triple 7’s, Microgaming has another original blackjack variation called “Hi Lo 13.” It is played with European Blackjack rules and is available as part of their Single-hand Gold Series. It offers the chance to make a special side bet with three options. You can bet that your first two cards will be worth more than 13, less than 13 or exactly 13. The more or less bets pay 1-1, but there is a 10-1 payoff if your total is exactly 13.