Microgaming Bonuses

Who can say no to free money? Not many people we’ll wager! Microgaming casino bonuses are some of the best, from a leader in this industry where entertainment is the name of the game. Having such a good reputation in a multi-billion dollar industry allows players to feel secure in the fact that they are playing with a mainstream company, and of course that their money is safe. To enjoy the full measure of most bonus offers, the player generally must commit to at least purchasing some real money credits.

With virtually a third of the online gambling market held in the palm of its hand, Microgaming does allow its partner websites to offer the bonuses they fell will suit their own target market. So, these offers range from No Deposit Bonuses, through Free Spins, a certain amount of time to player free with terms and conditions attached, or the Cash Match Bonus where the player makes a deposit, and this is matched with casino credits.

Examples – Microgaming Casino Bonuses: There are a wide range of choices available, and we have simply taken a small section of these to indicate how widely these freebies differ. For the sake of not singling out any particular casinos, we only mention amounts.

Rationale: Now that we have looked at three different bonuses available at three different websites, we are bound to give some thought to what makes them so different. Earlier we mentions “play-through” requirements, and these are basically the terms and condition that each casino uses to ensure player retention, and so that online gamers don’t steal them blind.

Basically a play-through is the amount that needs to be spend by the player, prior to his bonus funds being released, or withdrawals being allowed. So an offer such as $1,500 no deposit required for 24 hours does not require play-through. It is a close-ended offer which expires in 24 hours. Same as the £/€/$1000 worth of free play for one hour. Any winnings from both of these bonuses would also be subject to terms and conditions before being eligible for withdrawal.

Benefits: When we take advantage of a small casino bonus such as the one mentioned above, we generally have less play-through requirements to meet. If we take advantage of large free money offers, the play-through becomes pretty hectic at time. For example our £/£/$32 for free would require the player to spend 35x £/£/$32 before withdrawal of winnings can be made.

Even free money comes at a price, but is still great fun to have that little extra in the budget, and the more loyal a player is to one casino, the better bonuses, and benefits become. Microgaming casino bonuses are some of the best in the business, just always be sure to read (and understand) all terms and conditions, as this can avoid big disappointments. By the way – different games also have different play-through requirements.