Free Play Time Bonuses

We have a couple of times mention how online casinos, powered by this software platform offer free play time Microgaming bonuses. But who really is this developer, and what are they about? Microgaming has been in business since the concept of online gambling first became a reality. They were responsible for the very first fully functional Internet gambling games, and have been designing real money games, which offer real prize money since 1994.

This long history in the same industry, plus their record of dynamic growth, tells us that if we decided to gamble online, than it is by mean of this software we would do it. Why? Because an unbroken record of success such as this tells us they are a mainstream, above-board company, and if we are taking the risk of transferring funds as well as winning prize money and withdrawing it, we want to play with a brand with an impeccable record.

Free Play Time: Offering free play time Microgaming bonuses is a way in which partner casino products are able to attract new members, keep existing members attracted to their product by offering free rewards in the form of promotions, and generally just to let players try out the product without it costing them money. There is a difference between taking up a “Free Play” offer, and playing in “Demo” mode. Demo mode is purely to get a feel for the slot or whatever other game might be played, and often does not include certain functions.

Since around 2009, more Microgaming casinos have joined the trend to incentivize new members by offering them free play. This kind of offer is specifically for new members, although existing members do receive offers such as free-rolls or free entry to multi-player tournaments.

Fundamentally a new player who registers with a specific site, receives a certain amount of time, as well as a monetary value to play one or more games. Some websites offer $1000 and 24 hours, while others offer $500 and 1 hour for free. We have seen even 30 minute offers and $100 worth of value. It really all depends on each particular website’s marketing strategy, and restrictions are involved. Newer casino may offer more, while the better established casinos offer less, but better turnover wagering requirements.

Claiming Free Play Time Microgaming Bonuses: Because this bonus more or less replaced the older “No Deposit Bonus” feature, but not entirely. It is just a nicer sort of way of going about getting new members interested. Generally speaking the new player has to sign up with a site, and download the software to claim this type of bonus, and once they have activated the free session, the clock starts ticking.

Players are able to become familiar with a particular casino and the games available as well as even play some in demo mode before the timer is activated, and it is advisable to do this to get a feel for what is on offer. Fortunately most software developers, and Microgaming are fairly generous with regard the length of time they allow people to play demonstration games. But do remember that once the free play session has been activated, there is no way to stop the clock.

Terms and Conditions: Nothing ever comes completely free of charge, without some terms and conditions involved – that would make it too good to be true. It would silly of casinos to simply offer free play bonuses to players and allow them to walk away with all their winnings. Therefore is it vital to read and understand all terms and conditions that pertain to these timed free periods. Most casinos tweak these conditions to suit their own business models, but they are basically all the same at the root. Winnings may be capped, players may have to play a certain amount of spins or games during the time period in order to keep their winnings, or qualifying deposits may be required in order to claim winnings.