Microgaming Video Poker

Microgaming Video Poker Offers Great Entertainment And Gigantic Payoffs

Microgaming offers a vast selection of video poker games. They offer all of the traditional games as well as some new variations which are only available at online casinos that offer Microgaming action. The new games include two that offer progressive jackpots.

All of the Microgaming Video Poker games have outstanding graphics and sound. They feature different looks, primarily utilizing the colours of blue, green, red and yellow. The Microgaming video poker games also offer a variety of card and pay table appearances. They also offer outstanding returns for your gambling dollar. Some of their games return as much as 99% of the money wagered.

Microgaming’s Wide Variety of Video Poker Games

Microgaming has a total of sixteen video poker games you can play. Several of those games are offered in both single-hand and multi-hand formats. Microgaming lists their multi-hand games under their “Power Poker” category. There are six Microgaming video poker games which can be played with 100 hands at a time. Two other games, “Double Double Bonus Poker” and “Deuces Wild,” are available with as many as 50 hands at a time. All of Microgaming’s multi-hand video poker games are also available with 4-hands or 10-hands.

Microgaming’s video poker choices include all of the most popular games, including Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces and Joker Poker. They also offer some games that are not as well known, including Tens or Better. As you might guess, that game is similar to Jacks or Better except that it also pays off on a pair of 10’s. In exchange for the extra winning hands, you’ll get a lower payoff on the best hands.

Microgaming Unique Video Poker Games

Microgaming is constantly creating new video poker games for its players. Many of their new games offer more chances to win, while others offer the chance for much bigger payoffs.

Joker Poker Level Up

This recent Microgaming creation is played with the basic rules of Joker Poker, meaning a 53-card deck, utilizing one Joker, is used. The difference in Joker Poker Level Up is that you will get bigger returns if you go on a winning streak. Each time you win, your payoffs will be doubled over your previous round. So your second consecutive win returns 2x the normal payout and a third win returns 4x. The highest level you can reach is for four straight wins, which will pay out 8x the normal winning amount.

Joker Poker Level Up also has two other special features, including a “Free Ride” card. If you get it on a hand, you will be taken to the next multiplier level whether or not you win your hand. The other special feature is called “Auto Complete.” It will pay you a special consolation prize if the cards you discarded would have formed a Royal Flush if you had not discarded them.

Louisiana Double

This game is another invention of Microgaming and also uses a 53-card deck. However, the extra card is not a Joker but a doubling card. It must be a part of your winning hand, so it will not double a Straight, Flush or Full House. It will double the payoff for one or two pairs, three of a kind and four of a kind.

Microgaming Progressive Video Poker

Microgaming has created two popular progressive jackpot video poker games. While most video poker games usually offer about 10,000 coins as their top payoff, Microgaming’s two progressive games can pay off in the hundreds of thousands.

Jackpot Deuces

This game is played with the standard rules of Deuces Wild Video Poker but with one big difference. It offers a progressive jackpot which will pay out if you get a Royal Flush made of Diamonds.


This is Microgaming’s other progressive video poker game and it works quite differently. It is played with a 53-card deck The extra card is the SupaJax card. If you can get it on a hand along with four Jacks, you will collect the gigantic progressive pool.